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Men's Coats

Discover the Calvin Klein's men's coats collection. Sharp style. Premium materials. Timeless sophistication. CK coats are crafted with good taste and precision. Elevate your style with quality outerwear that’s worthy of the modern man. For a professional look, layer a long coat over a tailored suit for a refined aesthetic that commands attention. Pair a wool coat with chinos and smart shoes for a smart casual ensemble. Or upgrade your outerwear collection with an overcoat draped over a sweatshirt and jeans, perfect for crisp days. CK men’s coats are made with premium materials that will last beyond a lifetime. That’s how we contribute to a fairer fashion industry. Calvin Klein coats. Where style meets substance.

How to clean a wool coat

To clean a wool coat, gently brush off surface dirt with a soft-bristled brush, then spot clean any stains with a mild detergent and cold water. Avoid machine washing or drying. Have the coat professionally dry cleaned to maintain its shape and texture.

What is an overcoat

An overcoat is a long coat worn to provide warmth and protection from the weather. It’s designed to be worn over suits or formal attire and is often made from heavy materials such as wool or cashmere.